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Perfect for Small Moves is a customer service focused moving service that is perfect for folks who need the manpower to complete moving tasks that don’t require the assistance of a huge full service moving company.  We provide you with an affordable moving service utilizing experienced, competent & courteous professionals. 

What’s a small move? 


  • The relocation of efficiencies, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments within DC or from short distances 10 – 30 miles within the DC metro area (DC, VA & MD).


  • Many students or young professionals rent single bedrooms within apartments, townhouses or single family homes and simply relocate from one rented room to another.


  • Many folks just move limited amounts of furniture and/or property from their apartment, rented room, townhouse or single family house to a local storage unit. 


  • Folks moving out of state need moving professionals to load their rented box truck and/or P.O.D.


  • Folks moving into the DC metro area (DC, MD & VA) need moving professionals to unload their rented box truck and/or P.O.D.


  • Many folks just need their furniture moved around their single family homes, apartments or townhouses.


  • Business owners who need furniture relocated from one office to another in the same building.

How will my furniture be protected?


If the client does not choose packing & shrink wrapping services prior to their move, how will the furniture be protected during the transportation from point A to point B? 

  • After the movers load the furniture into the truck, they will wrap the furniture with heavy duty blankets to prevent damage.  The cost for these pads will be covered by PFSM if the customer contracts PFSM for a local full service move. If the customer is moving out of state, these furniture pads should be provided by the customer.

Do we bring equipment?

Yes, we bring:

  • Three four-wheeled furniture dollies and one convertible hand truck.


  • An extensive set of tools for the dis-assembly and re-assembly of your furniture.


  • Ratchet straps to secure your items to the sides of the walls of the box truck.


  • Heavy duty furniture pads to cover your floors and banisters to avoid damage to your home.

What is the work ethic philosophy of Perfect for Small Moves?


  • We work at an efficient yet cautious pace. Your property will be moved as quickly as possible with as much care as possible.                                                                


  • You will not see your movers smoking cigarettes, texting and/or talking on the phone and taking extended breaks. It's your time & money. We understand that and it is paramount to us that you feel that your time & money are being well spent.


  • We want to continue to build upon our reputation for efficiency and exceptional customer service.

When does my time start?


Your time starts when we arrive at the first location and begin loading the truck. Your time stops when we finish unloading the truck at the second location. Any travel time between the first and second locations is charged as part of the move. For most areas, we do not charge a fee to travel to your job site. However, we do charge a flate rate fee for travel to certain areas including Leesburg, VA, Ashburn, VA, Woodbridge, VA, Rockville, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Germantown, MD, Baltimore, MD and areas surrounding Bowie, MD. **

How much time will my move take?


Many factors will affect the amount of time it will take to complete your move.


1.       Stairs. The general rule is to add 1 hour per flight of stairs. We don’t charge extra for stairs while many moving companies do.


2.       Dis-assembly and Re-assembly of furniture. We are happy to provide this service for you. However, if everything is already dis-assembled when we arrive, you will save time and money. *Please note: we will dis-assemble IKEA beds but will not re-assemble them. All other basic beds we are happy to re-assemble. **


3.       Reserving the Elevator / Loading Dock.  You should visit your property manager and reserve the freight elevator and loading dock. This means no other residents or contractors can use the elevator while we are loading and/or unloading the truck. It allows us to fill the elevator up with your furniture and property as much as possible to cut down on the number of trips we’ll need to use the elevator. Not having the elevator reserved is a time killer because the residents of your building will be using the elevator thus creating huge gaps of time where the movers are waiting for the elevator to arrive. Also, the movers have to either prop the elevator door open with an object or one of the movers has to hold the door while the other mover moves the furniture into the elevator. This adds an incredible amount of time for furniture requiring the strength of two men. Also, not having the loading dock reserved will inevitably create conflict with other residents and their movers trying to move in and out as they have the right to request the resident who didn’t reserve the loading dock to park the truck in another area thus creating a longer walk to the truck therefore adding more time.


4.       Size of the elevator. Many older apartment buildings have smaller elevators. We can only fit so much into an elevator that resembles the size of a closet. Many times, we’ve had to walk an unusually large couch and/or mattress & box-spring up and/or down the stairs of an apartment building with a small elevator. Unfortunately, this adds time.


5.       Long walks from the apartment to the elevator or from the elevator to the loading dock. The general rule is to add 1 – 2 hours for walks of 50 feet or more.


6.       Extra furniture & property not discussed or agreed upon in the original phone conversation or interview.  I understand that life is in a constant state of change when you’re in the process of moving and the plan frequently changes up until the last minute. It’s difficult for us to refuse to move items not originally agreed to since we are already there, but please keep in mind, this will add time to your job.


7.       Unusually large appliances or sofas. Many unusually large appliances or sofas require certain measures to get them out of door frames. These measures include the removal of the door from the door frame, removing legs from couches and removing doors from refrigerators.


8.       Renting the wrong size truck. Many folks underestimate the amount of property they have and rent a truck that will not sufficiently transport all of their property in one trip. Multiple trips from point A to point B will inevitably add time. The general rule is to rent a truck one size bigger than what you think you need. Usually the cost difference from one size truck to another is not significant enough to gamble on renting the wrong size truck – especially if you’re moving out of state.


9.       Extra tasks and/or trips not originally discussed during the initial phone interview or meeting. These include taking unwanted furniture to the dumpster or re-arranging furniture not being relocated to the new location within the residence. Also, having the movers do “favors” for friends, family or neighbors including visiting the next door neighbor’s residence to move that couch from the basement to the upstairs family room which will “only take a minute”. Furthermore, this includes adding an extra trip with the box truck to a 3rd or 4th location that was not originally agreed to. This includes making a “quick stop” by a friend or family neighbor’s residence which is “along the way” to drop off grandma’s antique couch or hope chest. Finally, making the “quick stop” by the Salvation Army or thrift store to drop off unwanted furniture. We can do this but it will take extra time which will cost the customer more money.


10.   Unpacked items. These are miscellaneous items that are not packed in boxes. They cannot be placed on a dolly due to their odd shapes. We bring three four-wheeled floor dollies and one convertible hand cart on all jobs. However, those dollies are designed for furniture and boxes – not unpacked items. Therefore, if a hotel or grocery cart of some kind is not available at the apartment building, the mover has to carry these loose items by hand to the elevator and/or loading dock. These unpacked items add a lot of time to the load and unload of the box truck. Having as much of your property packed in boxes is crucial to saving time and also allows the foreman of your job to pack the box truck in a much more efficient manner.


11.   Drive time. DC metro area traffic is ranked as one of the worst in the nation. A huge time saver is to schedule your move during non-rush hour times to save drive time. As difficult as it is to get around this obstacle, this can be managed if the move is properly planned.   


12.   Appliances not prepared for moving.


a.       Disconnecting and re-connecting appliances. We do not provide this service. Please have your washer and dryer disconnected and all the clothes removed from the washer and/or dryer.


b.      Freezers and refrigerators. Please have all the food items removed from your freezers and refrigerators before we move them. These items can be very heavy and awkward when they are empty and we will most likely have to tip your freezer and/or refrigerator backwards or on its side to get it out the door frame. Sometimes we have to open the door of the refrigerator and/or remove the door of the refrigerator to get it out the door frame.  


13.   Blocked hallways and footpaths in your residence. Many times we have had to assist the homeowner with creating footpaths in their residences because the floor is covered with clothes, books, toys etc. so we can move their property out of their residence. We can do this for you but it takes time.


14.   Removing miscellaneous loose items from couches, dressers, nightstands and kitchen tables. Having loose paperwork, items, jewelry, lamps etc. on your furniture requires the movers to place these items somewhere out of the way so they can move your property out of the residence. We can do this for you but it adds time.


15.   Pets and children running around the residence during the move. On frequent occasions, we’ve had to move heavy furniture while maneuvering around pets and children. Not only is this time consuming but it is dangerous for everyone involved. 

Will I be charged hidden fees on moving day?

No. Our reputation is incredibly important to us. All the fees associated with your move will be clearly communicated to you in writing prior to moving day.   

We understand that circumstances constantly change up to the last minute when folks are moving.  If additional tasks, trips or property need to be included in the job after our initial meeting and/or phone interview, please contact us prior to moving day and we will determine whether the original estimate needs to be changed.

How is the time prorated beyond a full hour?  

The client's time is prorated in 30 minute increments. If we go over 10 - 15 minutes beyond a full hour, we are not going to charge you.

Is there a deposit required to schedule a move? 


Is there a cancellation fee? 


For packing & shrink wrapping services, does PFSM provide supplies for the client as part of fee?

No. The client is responsible for purchasing all supplies for packing fragile items & furniture (e.g. shrink wrap, boxes, tape, furniture pads, wrapping paper etc.). Our packers simply show up and prepare the client's property with the materials provided by the client. The fee for the packing & shrink wrapping services simply includes labor - it does not include materials. 

Is it a good idea to pack & shrink wrap furniture on moving day?

No. If there is extensive packing & shrink wrapping to be completed, it is best to complete these tasks on a day other than the day of the actual move.

Is the fee for packing & shrink wrapping services included with the fee for the actual move?

No. These are two separate costs.

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We support the Miami Project. Click banner for more information.

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